[flashrom] arm, chromebook and pci.h

bruce m beach brucembeach at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 05:02:37 CET 2015

Hello all

When trying to compile flashrom-0.9.7 I get the following error:

fatal error: pci/pci.h: No such file or directory

Since I'm running a Samsung Exynos 5 Chromebook I don't have those
libraries. (no pci bus). I can install them of course but am reluctant
to do so. I am wondering:

Does flashrom really need the pci libraries in this case.
Is the Makefile perhaps not getting the information that this is an arm Arch.
Is the Chromebook not supported by this version of flashrom

and the truly horrible thought that is vaguely forming in the back of my mind:
am I actually going to have to do some work to get this version of flashrom
to work for me.


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