[flashrom] please reject my two previous letters

Boris Baykov dev at borisbaykov.com
Fri Jan 9 21:54:28 CET 2015

>> Hi!
>> Please skip my two previous letters with patch because there all tabs
>> were  changed  to  spaces.  These diffs will be hard to use. I'll send
>> good ones soon.

> Hello,

> thanks for this big effort. If you could try to split the patch in
> smaller pieces, it would make reviewing them way more easy. Also, there
> is no need to send a diff against 0.9.7... a diff on top of the current
> revision only is fine.

Ok, in my next letter I'll sent the patch to the current revision as attach
in bzip2 because my mail system completely doesn't want to send the patch
without changing tabs to spaces or wrapping strings.

Please explain how is better to split this patch to make it easy for review.

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