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also, for reverse ingeneering help:


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>> Здравствуйте, .
>> Sorry, Please tell me about: how add support for this programmer in flashrom?
>> If  you  can  -  please  tell  me  "example" how USB device parallel add in
>> flashrom.
>> or other links to support any usb devices in flashrom..
>> CH341A usb chip:
>> http://www.seekic.com/circuit_diagram/Basic_Circuit/USB_to_parallel_serial_circuit_diagramch341.html

> There is not much information available about that chip. The available
> English datasheets do not cover the most important part: the
> communication protocol between the chip and the host. Without that it
> is not exactly trivial to add support for it in flashrom. One has to
> reverse engineer the protocol first. Members of the flashrom community
> have done that for the Dediprog SF100 once but they are no longer
> active, so please don't expect it to be done. dediprog.c is probably
> the most similar programmer flashrom currently supports because it is
> the only one that uses a completely custom USB protocol.

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