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Здравствуйте, Stefan.

Вы писали 6 января 2015 г., 15:26:56:

Thank you for exhaustive answer. I find rayer..

OTP used in Ubiquiti wifi devices, ethernet cameras..
ID use for Mikrotik serial number for geniuine..

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>> Sorry, Stefan, i can inadequate question to you?
>> I need read unique ID info and OTP zones from W25Q64BV, W25Q64CV and W25Q64FV
>> chips. also, MX25L6405
>> Please, maybe is it patch or OTP_version of flashrom to read it datas?

> No, current there is no OTP support in flashrom and no patch available.
> It would not be too hard to add it though... I just had no time yet.
> SPIPGM (the original DOS program for the rayer programmer) apparently
> got support for reading the unique IDs of winbond chips lately. Maybe
> that is enough for your purposes. You can find it here:
> http://rayer.g6.cz/programm/programe.htm

> I was wondering for a long time when/if the OTP zones would be used.
> Did you encounter them "in the wild" in some product?

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