[flashrom] flashrom success with GD25Q20(B)

Gilles Aurejac gilles at polysoft.fr
Tue Jan 6 02:54:31 CET 2015

Hello Stefan,

you're right I did wrote to the flash ship twice (and forgot the -V option the first time).
I'm confident that the write operation worked : I first have read and save, then updated this chip (2nd bios chip of a gtx 770 nvidia card) succesfully with flashrom and compared with an hexadecimal the 2 dumps which reported the attempted differences.

If you wish I can ran the write operation again and send you the result.

Also I did not have the same success with the 1rst bios chip which is not recognized (0Kb) by flashrom, and neither by nvflash under windows (nvflash says : unknown eeprom - BF,008D : this is a SST chip)
This is a 2Mbits spi eeprom with a sot-23 package.



> Le 5 janv. 2015 à 22:02, Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at alumni.tuwien.ac.at> a écrit :
> On Mon, 5 Jan 2015 14:46:26 +0100
> Gilles Auréjac <gilles at polysoft.fr> wrote:
>> Reading old flash chip contents... done.
>> Erasing and writing flash chip... Trying erase function 0... 0x000000-0x000fff:S, 0x001000-0x001fff:S, 0x002000-0x002fff:S, 0x003000-0x003fff:S, 0x004000-0x004fff:S, 0x005000-0x005fff:S, 0x006000-0x006fff:S, 0x007000-0x007fff:S, 0x008000-0x008fff:S, 0x009000-0x009fff:S, 0x00a000-0x00afff:S, 0x00b000-0x00bfff:S, 0x00c000-0x00cfff:S, 0x00d000-0x00dfff:S, 0x00e000-0x00efff:S, 0x00f000-0x00ffff:S, 0x010000-0x010fff:S, 0x011000-0x011fff:S, 0x012000-0x012fff:S, 0x013000-0x013fff:S, 0x014000-0x014fff:S, 0x015000-0x015fff:S, 0x016000-0x016fff:S, 0x017000-0x017fff:S, 0x018000-0x018fff:S, 0x019000-0x019fff:S, 0x01a000-0x01afff:S, 0x01b000-0x01bfff:S, 0x01c000-0x01cfff:S, 0x01d000-0x01dfff:S, 0x01e000-0x01efff:S, 0x01f000-0x01ffff:S, 0x020000-0x020fff:S, 0x021000-0x021fff:S, 0x022000-0x022fff:S, 0x023000-0x023fff:S, 0x024000-0x024fff:S, 0x025000-0x025fff:S, 0x026000-0x026fff:S, 0x027000-0x027fff:S, 0x028000-0x028fff:S, 0x029000-0x029fff:S, 0x02a000-0x02afff:S, 0x02b000-0x02bfff:S, 0x02c000-0x02cfff:S, 0x02d000-0x02dfff:S, 0x02e000-0x02efff:S, 0x02f000-0x02ffff:S, 0x030000-0x030fff:S, 0x031000-0x031fff:S, 0x032000-0x032fff:S, 0x033000-0x033fff:S, 0x034000-0x034fff:S, 0x035000-0x035fff:S, 0x036000-0x036fff:S, 0x037000-0x037fff:S, 0x038000-0x038fff:S, 0x039000-0x039fff:S, 0x03a000-0x03afff:S, 0x03b000-0x03bfff:S, 0x03c000-0x03cfff:S, 0x03d000-0x03dfff:S, 0x03e000-0x03efff:S, 0x03f000-0x03ffff:S
>> Warning: Chip content is identical to the requested image.
>> Erase/write done.
> Hello Gilles,
> the log you sent does not really indicate a successful write as the
> warning indicates... flashrom has skipped all blocks. I guess you just
> ran the write process with the same file twice and that's why. Can you
> please confirm that the chip was indeed written at some time before
> you created the log above?
> -- 
> Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Stefan Tauner

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