[flashrom] Intel Lynx Point LP Premium: W25Q64.V chip not detected correctly

Denis Turischev denis.turischev at compulab.co.il
Mon Mar 24 08:37:53 CET 2014

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the answer.

Without -c parameter it doesn't work too, it detects "opaque" chip of size 8M + 512K = 8704K.

I've checked density of second chip is set to 8M. Seems hardware is ok, we actually boot from this
16M bios, also we have Intel production tools for Windos/DOS, they do read/write all 16M.

How can I help you to resolve this?


On 03/22/2014 03:10 AM, Stefan Tauner wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Mar 2014 14:00:10 +0200
> Denis Turischev <denis.turischev at compulab.co.il> wrote:
>> Hi flashrom team,
>> I'm trying to read BIOS on SPI flash on Intel Lynx Point LP Premium chipset.
>> 16M SPI flash consists of two Winbond chips 8M (W25Q64.V).
>> When I use ich_spi_mode=auto flash is not detected.
>> When I use ich_spi_mode=swseq detected only one 8M chip.
>> Can you help?
> Hi,
> swseq does not support the two-chip configuration (which is a hardware
> limitation). In hwseq mode the software is not aware of any chips, hence
> using the -c parameter leads to no detection. Leave out the -c
> parameter and it will work... in general. Interestingly the flash
> descriptor seems to be bogus in this case though. It specifies a wrong
> density for the second chip, although the other addresses encoded in
> there are according to your observation of two 8MB chips... either the
> chipset is different or this is an error of the manu... oh, you ARE the
> manufacturer ;)
> Please check if the setting of FLCOMP in the flash descriptor is
> according to the lynx point spi programming guide. I dont have access
> to it. Either FLCOMP is set wrong or lynx point is different and this is
> a bug in flashrom.

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