[flashrom] GSoC-2014 Flashrom project "Locking and unlocking of access protections of flash chips"

严进一 lexkde at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 02:56:43 CET 2014

I am Jinyi Yan , a second year PhD candidate from Shanghai Institute of Micro-system and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I used to be a mainboard BIOS engineer in ASUS Technology Suzhou Co., Ltd for about two years (2007.7~2009.2). My major now is optoelectronics. But I have a lot of fun while programming, in my heart the working experience of being a BIOS engineer is still very exciting. 
I think GsoC is a nice platform for me to participate the open source community. When I search the GsoC projects and organizations, the coreboot and flashrom projects are definitely the right choices for me. I have a spare ASUS P5KPL PC at my hand, but the chipset is not in the support list of coreboot project. So I consider the flashrom project is the better choice. I also have a home-made flash programmer based on uspasp.
I'd like to choose “Locking and unlocking of access protections of flash chips” for GSoC 2014. 
Now I'm not very familiar with the program structure of flashrom, so I expect your guidence and hope to contribute for flashrom and coreboot even if my application is not accpeted.
Thanks! Look forward to your kind advice!
Jinyi Yan

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