[flashrom] Z87 flash not supported flashrom

Rob Whyte fudge at thefudge.net
Sun Mar 16 07:40:34 CET 2014

as the topic reflects flashrom was unable to flash my
Gigabyte Z87m-d3h.

Much thanks goes to Carldani on IRC for helping me get my board back to
a bootable state.

It would be great if the upcoming LTS of Ubuntu, Trusty 14.04 can be
upgraded since these boards are common and should be supported out of
the box.

A great IRC community and my thanks go out to you all for the work that
goes in to maintaining and updating Flashrom.

For me, being blind and using text to speech I use this tool, I also
recommend Flashrom to vinuxproject.org users that are also blind and
want an accessible method to flash their chips.

Thank you

Kind regards
Rob Whyte

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