[flashrom] Add timeout check to SPI bitbang bus request / Re: Flashrom stuck using 100% cpu while probing for a chip

GatoLoko gatoloko at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 15:09:28 CEST 2014

El 29/04/14 08:32, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger escribió:
> Hi everyone,
> sorry for resurrecting this patch from the dead.
> Ian: No need to test again, I believe something in your hardware may
> have been fundamentally broken. I have no idea how to debug it, but
> failing/aborting is better than hanging, so I think I'll merge this patch.
> GatoLoko: This patch will probably change the hang into a really slow
> abort. Still, aborting is better than hanging.

This definitely works a lot faster than my attempt to adapt the old 
patch to the new tree. It takes under 5 minutes for a full run with this 
version while the old one takes over half an hour. I'd say each chip 
probes for under 2 seconds.

Still, I see three problem:

1.- If you run flashrom without verbose parameters all you get in the 
terminal is a lot of "SB600: execute_command timeout!", without context, 
without telling it's probing for chips, but then the log (with -o file) 
shows the probing before the timeout failing as "Probing for AMIC 
A25L05PT, 64 kB: SB600: execute_command timeout!".

2.- I got a lot of "FIFO pointer corruption! Pointer is 0, wanted 3
Something else is accessing the flash chip and causes random corruption.
Please stop all applications and drivers and IPMI which access the flash 
chip." but as far as I know there is no other application or driver 
accessing the chip. May it be attempting to probe the next chip before 
fully closing/stopping/timeuoting the previous attempt?

3.- My chip isn't detected and I'm unsure whether that's the correct 
behavior or not (shouldn't the Macronix MX25L4005APC-12G be suported as 
a MX25L4005(A/C)?)

Attached are two log, one with -VVV and other without.


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