[flashrom] Flashrom stuck using 100% cpu while probing for a chip

GatoLoko gatoloko at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 00:52:45 CEST 2014

Carl-Daniel told me to try again the same patch I tried the last time.

[22:08:58] <carldani> GatoLoko: yeah, definitely needs my timeout patches
[22:18:38] <GatoLoko> which one?
[22:20:19] <GatoLoko> the one mentioned here? --> 
[22:55:35] <carldani> GatoLoko: yes

Since it doesn't apply to the current tree I've had to handpick the 
changes and adapt it a little bit (attached is a modified patch). Once 
built I get the same results I got the last time: it takes a long time 
probing for each chip, but in the end skips them all, as if it didn't 
recognize mine (which is a Macronix MX25L4005APC-12G).

Shouldn't this chip be supported by the MX25L4005(A/C)?

For reference, the chip's datasheet is here: 


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