[flashrom] [PATCH] Add an internal DMI decoder.

Stefan Tauner stefan.tauner at student.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Sep 12 01:39:28 CEST 2013

On Wed, 28 Aug 2013 18:16:12 +0200
Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at student.tuwien.ac.at> wrote:

> Previously we had to rely on dmidecode to decode the DMI/SMBIOS table.
> This patch integrates a DMI decoder into flashrom. The old behavior of calling
> dmidecode can be brought back by using CONFIG_INTERNAL_DMI=no.
> Significant portions of this patch were taken from dmidecode, hence add its
> authors to the copyright notice (dmidecode is also GPL2+). We do a few things
> differently though. First of all we do more bounds checking to prevent accessing
> unmapped memory. We do not support disovery via EFI (yet), but memory
> scanning only. We handle the chassis-type lock bit correctly which dmidecode
> did not for a long while.
> The API to the rest of flashrom remains stable, but the output changes slightly.
> To share as much code as possible (which actually is not much), i have added
> dmi_fill methods that get called in dmi_init. They are reponsible to fill the
> dmi_strings array and setting the is_laptop variable. After it is called, dmi_init
> prints all dmi_strings. Previously the strings were printed in the order they were
> discovered, followed by the chassis-type, which is now output earlier (in dmi_fill).
> Because DJGPP does not support strnlen a simple implementation was added
> for it.
> This is still only available on x86; actually it is not even compiled in for other
> architectures at all anymore.
> Signed-off-by: Sean Nelson<audiohacked at gmail.com>
> Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at student.tuwien.ac.at>
> Tested-by: Maciej Pijanka <maciej.pijanka at gmail.com>
> Tested-by: Idwer Vollering <vidwer at gmail.com>
> Acked-by: Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at student.tuwien.ac.at>

Committed in r1735 after testing it with FreeDOS too.

Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Stefan Tauner

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