[flashrom] Supermicro server BIOS update question

Ben Schwartz bschwartz at quantcast.com
Thu Sep 12 00:10:48 CEST 2013

Hello! I came across your page today in search of an easy way to update BIOS on ~800 Supermicro servers around the world at different datacenters. I have used the asulnx tool in the past for another board but it doesn't seem to work for these. I saw in your supported hardware page that the Supermicro X8SIE-F and X9SCM-F boards are not supported under flashrom utility  because: 113. ↑<http://www.flashrom.org/Supported_hardware#boards_ref113> Requires unlocking the ME although the registers are set up correctly by the descriptor/BIOS already (tested with swseq and hwseq)."

What exactly does this reason mean and do you know of another BIOS update utility that will work for these motherboards that can be run from Linux (centos5-6)? Thanks!

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