[flashrom] Script for collecting flashrom compatibility with motherboards

Alexey Vazhnov vazhnov at inbox.ru
Fri May 31 18:11:07 CEST 2013

31.05.2013 04:32, Stefan Tauner пишет:
> On Sun, 05 May 2013 20:08:26 +0600
> Alexey Vazhnov <vazhnov at inbox.ru> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Perhaps we can check many hardware for compatibility with Linux.
>> Condition: test must be fast, so no manual intervention. So now I
>> prepare some PXE images for collect hardware information. How do I
>> collect maximum information about motherboards chips compatible with
>> flashrom? Currently I see only one variant — write motherboard name with
>> «flashrom -r /dev/null» stdout.
> Hello Alexey,
> the only really relevant test is to write to a board (read out the
> current contents, erase the chip, write the backup again). That is
> always putting the board at risk and I would not advise anybody to do
> this especially not in an automated fashion just to test flashrom
> compatibility.
> One other useful test would be to detect untested flash chips. But
> again at least for erasing and writing there is always a risk and for
> probing/reading doing automated tests is rather a waste of time IMHO.

I.e., out of «flashrom --programmer internal --read /dev/null --output 
report.log» for new motherboards is not the useful information for your 

Yours respectfully,
Alexey Vazhnov
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