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Date: 2013/5/27
Subject: Re: [flashrom] Added chipsets
To: Steven Zakulec <spzakulec at gmail.com>

Hi steven,

2013/5/27 Steven Zakulec <spzakulec at gmail.com>

> Before I get started on the review, just a general comment or two.
> If you plan to contribute in the future (which I certainly hope you will),
> please break submissions down into blocks of 5-10 chips.  This makes it so
> much easier for me, and any other reviewers, to quickly check the patch and
> provide feedback in a timely manner.
Sorry, this is my first patch. My next patch i wrote with you wish. (
http://patchwork.coreboot.org/patch/3896/) 8)

> In the last review, I mentioned the Numonyx M45PE series (10, 20, 40, 80,
> 16), should only have
> +        .feature_bits    = FEATURE_WRSR_WREN,
> set when the command is there.  It appears I may have been unclear there,
> because instead of removing just the WREN flag, you removed the whole line
> (the chips do have a Write Status Register- WRSR).

> Continuing the review from Numonyx M45PE16.
Sorry i don't know which flag must be used. You right these chips have a
only WREN instruction, and i think if these chips doesn't have a feature
that i exclude feature_bits. Maybe we will be able to specify the details.

> Numonyx M25PX80-
> +        .voltage    = {2700, 3600},
> The datasheets I've seen have it as 2.3-3.6V (rev 4 Dec 2008 and Rev B
> 3/2013)
> +        .tested        = TEST_OK_PREW,
> Unless I'm reading it wrong, it looks like you're adding this chip as a
> fully tested one- would you mind supplying some logs showing that it
> successfully does these operations? (write logs shouldn't contain all :S
> (for skipped blocks) next to the addresses).
You right this is my typos, and i fixed them.

> Numonyx N25Q00AA13-
> I'll admit I don't really know how this chip works, but it seems there
> should be a 3rd eraseblock from the description of the memory organization
> (datasheet is Rev E, 2/12):
> Memory Configuration and Block Diagram
> The memory is a stacked device comprised of four 256Mb chips. Each chip is
> internally
> partitioned into two 128Mb segments. Each page of memory can be
> individually pro-
> grammed. Bits are programmed from one through zero. The device is
> subsector, sector,
> or single 256Mb chip erasable, but not page-erasable. Bits are erased from
> zero through
> one. The memory is configured as 134,217,728 bytes (8 bits each); 2048
> sectors (64KB
> each); 32,768 subsectors (4KB each); and 524,288 pages (256 bytes each);
> and 64 OTP
> bytes are located outside the main memory array.
> You've got:
> +                .eraseblocks = { {4 * 1024, 32768 } },
> +               .block_erase = spi_block_erase_20,
> +            }, {
> +                .eraseblocks = { {64 * 1024, 2048 } },
> +               .block_erase = spi_block_erase_d8,
> There's a die erase opcode, which I am unfamiliar with- maybe it handles
> erasing a single 256Mb chip at a time?

You right this chip used a four 256 Mb chips. And 256 Mb chip has a three
instruction subsector 20(hex) sector D8(hex) bulk C7(hex) erase commands.
But chip N25Q00AA13 has a other op-code to initiate die erase command
C4 (hex)

> Sanyo LF25FW203A / LE25FW203A-
> Thanks so much for getting to the bottom of this chip, and figuring out
> which chip it actually is.
>          .probe        = probe_spi_rdid,
> Maybe I'm reading the patch wrong, but you appear to be missing the
> .probe_timing line for this chip.
You reading patch wrong.  The probe_timing line for this chip is present
below in source code.

> LE25FW418A, LE25FW808  and LE25FW806 -
> For the LE25FW806A you included the small sector erase, but left it out
> for the rest of the chips- any particular reason for this?
Because only LE25FW806A has a small sector erase op-code instruction, other
chips didn't have it.

> I'll cover from Spansion S25FL128S to the end tomorrow.

how to delete all versions of the patch and leave only comments in one

I send a new version patch

With best regards Nikolay Nikolaev
С Уважением Николаев Николай

With best regards Nikolay Nikolaev
С Уважением Николаев Николай
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