[flashrom] [PATCH 0/7] rewrited rayer_spi to lpt_io and lpt_bitbang_spi.

Maksim Kuleshov mmcx at mail.ru
Sun Mar 31 17:05:45 CEST 2013

This patch series split rayer_spi.c to two parts lpt_io.c and lpt_bitbang_spi.c. 
lpt_io.c is generic  LPT bitbang driver.
lpt_bitbang_spi.c is generic bitbang-spi for LPT-based programmers.
Integrated patchs:
        [flashrom] [PATCH (1-5)/5] rayer_spi: Create list of programmer types
            Wed Mar 6 23:48:43 CET 2013 Kyösti Mälkki
        [flashrom] [PATCH (0-3)/3] rayer_spi: Add support for Willem EPROM programmer SPI
            Sat Mar 16 23:42:50 CET 2013 Ondrej Zary

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