[flashrom] Dynamic List

Николай Николаев evrinoma at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 17:09:27 CET 2013

If we detected Multiple flash chips than
we can easy save all chips in dynamic list - pflashes.
and we will not have a restrictions with number chips
This is Dynamic List to sorted by Volage.
Also I added to dynamic list the new parameter HEAD
I want to add a new key possibly "-F" (or other)
for probing read data from chips
if we detect Multiple chips with identical value model_id.
The reading data from chips let's begin
from model_id with minimal value parameter voltage.
after that i think that we can easily write a normal names of chips
rewrite function printing names of chips on Wiki page
sequence of patching

With best regards Nikolay Nikolaev
С Уважением Николаев Николай
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