[flashrom] /dev/mem mmap failed : Operation not permitted

WON-JUN SONG iamwonjunsong at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 07:17:22 CEST 2013


I tried to read the contents of BIOS via flashrom. 

the main board is TYAN s8230.

when I executed read command (such as sudo ./flashrom -r backup.bin -p internal), the error message are below

	"Error accessing flash chip, 0x2000000 bytes at 0x00000000fe000000
	/dev/mem mmap failed: Operation not permitted"

this message is derived from "probe_flash()" function.  I don't understand why this error message occurs?

anyway I modified the source code to skip some vendors and chip which cause above error message.

then another error message are below

	"Reading flash.. SB600 FIFO pointer corruption! Pointer is 0, wanted 3
	Something else is accessing the flash chip and causes random corruption.
	Please stop all applications and drivers and IPMI which access the flash chip
	Read operation failed!

I dont understand why IPMI is related to flashing BIOS.


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