[flashrom] [RFC] Layout *file* handling...

Stefan Tauner stefan.tauner at student.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Jul 11 22:12:43 CEST 2013

On Thu, 11 Jul 2013 12:31:55 -0700
David Hendricks <dhendrix at google.com> wrote:

> >  - Default image names. For example one might want to always use me.bin
> >    for the ME region without the need to specify it all the time on the
> >    cli. (add the name after the region name, separated by : just like
> >    in the cli)
> >  
> +1. It's pretty silly to need to specify a ROM-sized file for "-w" just to
> update a single region.

That needs to be dealt otherwise. What i meant is that you specify in
the layout file the image you would normally specify by -i

if there is no file name in the cli, look in the layout file. if there
is none there either, use the one of the complete image (for the -w
case, -r would be slightly different).

Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Stefan Tauner

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