[flashrom] AMD - SP5100 - take SPI ownership (1/2)

Wei Hu wei at aristanetworks.com
Fri Apr 26 21:04:42 CEST 2013

Hi Rudolf,

I wanted to follow up with an issue on my AMD chipset. Here is my
original question:
Basically the IMC bit in the LPC PCI config register at offset 0x40 is
not set, but flashrom still finds something else is accessing the
flash chip and decides to bail out.

I was led to your patch so I gave it a try. I removed the IMC bit
check in your patch but still the IMC seems to be indeed inactive,
since mbox_port read 0. Also I noticed you wrote 0x5a to enter conf
mode and 0xa5 to exit conf mode. According to the datasheet 0x55 and
0xaa should be written instead. I made that change but it didn't help

Can someone think of any other possible things that's accessing the chip?


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