[flashrom] Test report for multiple SPI flash chips on serprog with UNTESTED status

Chi Zhang zhangchi866 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 14:07:46 CEST 2013

在 2013年4月20日 星期六 11:36:53,Stefan Tauner 写道:
> Thanks for testing. This is quite odd: we do the right thing IMHO.
> The relevant code is in spi25_statusreg.c
> spi_disable_blockprotect_at25df() calls
> spi_disable_blockprotect_generic(flash, 0x0C, 1 << 7, 1 << 4)
> In the beginning the status register is 0x1C, i.e. the status register
> is not locked, the hardware protection pin is not asserted, only the
> write protection bits are set.
> spi_disable_blockprotect_generic() correctly detects that and tries to
> set the protection bits to 0 by trying to write 0x10 (not touching the
> r/o WP pin bit), but that apparently has no effect.
> Interestingly here the initial contents of the status register are what
> we would expect them to be after unlocking(!).
> Maybe the chip reacts too slow? Do you have another explanation for
> that behavior?
> The patch below adds a delay of five seconds after trying to write to
> the status register for unlocking.

It seems the delay patch did not work:

Without patch 3927 or the delay patch, but with the patch showing the 

That shows without patch 3927 the register has been turnned into 0x10 

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