[flashrom] [PATCH 1/5] rayer_spi: Improve support for different pinouts

Maksim Kuleshov mmcx at mail.ru
Sun Apr 7 00:02:43 CEST 2013


I don't understand why change "xilinx" on "dlc-5". Changes command line , but 
does not change the behavior of the program. Users have worked well the current 
version, now there will be problems. Call flashrom can be integrated into the 
various programmes, and change the startup options can be very difficult. In the 
documents of the Xilinx name of the "dlc-5" is very rare. More often adapter is called 
"Parallel Cable III".It is probably better not to change the name of "xilinx". 

> Thanks. I'll wait for Maksim's signoff confirmation before committing.

I tested only the ByteblasterMV and Wiggler, but their 
support is not included in this patch.


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