[flashrom] Board identification patch for the MSC Q7 Tunnel Creek board

Feldschmid, Ingo ifel at msc-ge.com
Mon Jan 30 09:38:52 CET 2012


thanks for all the input. I have created a new patch file, which
addresses the problems mentioned in the last few replies: 

- print.c: added entry in boards_known array- board_enable.c: phase 2
function name changed to "p2_not_a_laptop"
- board_enable.c: new entry in board_matches array sorted by vendor name
- board_enable.c: board detection mechanism changed to use first pci
identifier for tunnel creek and  second pci identifier for EG20T and dmi
information for vendor name

The detection mechanism should now work for all boards with Tunnel Creek
CPU with EG20T southbridge from vendor "MSC Vertriebs GmbH". I tried to
narrow it down with the CPU/chipset/DMI combination, since we don't have
any company-specific pci devices on this board. 

Signed-off-by: Ingo Feldschmid <ifel at msc-ge.com>

Best regards,

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