[flashrom] Intel D425KT write not working

Marek Zakrzewski zakrzewskim at wp.pl
Fri Jan 27 12:22:23 CET 2012

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>please do not send any copyrighted files (this includes firmware blobs)
>to the mailing list, because we are not allowed to host them. you can
>upload the files to our pastebin at
>http://paste.flashrom.org where they will be available for developers
>without infringing any copyrights (more or less :).

>we are pretty short on man power at the moment and i dont think anyone
>but you is interested in this board, so i fear you have to figure it
>out yourself. you can try bugging us on IRC though, i am not sure
>everyone capable is reading the mailing list...

Done: http://paste.flashrom.org/view.php?id=1027

The latest BIOS can be downloaded from here:

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