[flashrom] Help: unable to upgrade bios

Raghuramchary Jallipalli Raghuramchary.Jallipalli at lntinfotech.com
Fri Jan 6 14:11:20 CET 2012

Thanks Stefan.

The force option enable worked and we were able to program the AT25DF321A flash. But the contents are wrong and the board was not able to come up. Please see attached for the verbose output for both read and write.

For your info, the board has two flashes(each 4MB) and the bios resides on the second(we have a jumper option to select the flash device). We are confused whether the flashrom selects the correct flash device and program it.

Can you please help.


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Raghuramchary Jallipalli <Raghuramchary.Jallipalli at lntinfotech.com>

> Do you have any plans to support the laptops with QM67 chipset and AT25DF321A, AT25DF641A flashchips, to upgrade the bios gracefully? If yes, can you please give us the timeline.

Hello Raghu!

the AT25DF321A is already supported, but untested (usually SPI chips
just work). The AT25DF641A is almost identical to the AT25DF641 and
will (for now) be detected and used as such. The latter is supported,
but as well untested. I dont see a problem regarding those chips. In
the event that a problem is encountered we can probably fix it quite

The other part of the question is not that easily answered. First of
all laptops have additional chips (embedded controllers) involved in
accessing the flash device which we dont support in general at the
moment. This is a long term goal without a timeline (you could depend

The chipset itself is supported. It just have some features that - if
enabled - prohibit accessing some portions of the flash. There is some
work done on working around this, but do not expect this to arrive soon

I could tell you at least a bit more, if you could post a verbose
output of running flashrom (including the laptop-enabling parameter of

Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Gren, Stefan Tauner

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