[flashrom] ASUS M2N-MX support

cjt2007 cjt2007 at eisenbroiler.de
Wed Aug 15 07:54:22 CEST 2012


many thanks for the reply containing the patch for the M2N-MX board and the 
details how to apply it. I'll try to run it as soon as possible and get back to 
you with the results.

Independent from testing this board: great work guys!


On 15.08.2012 02:59, Stefan Tauner wrote:
> Hello!
> I am sending this email to you because you have send logs regarding the
> M2N-MX mainboard. For a long time we were missing the necessary
> infrastructure to add support for that board easily and later it seems
> to have been forgotten. To this day it was only possible to read
> from the flash chip but not to write to it. Sorry about that!
> I have attached a patch that hopefully enables erase/write on that board
> and would like you to test if it works if you still have access to that
> board.
> The patch has to be applied to the latest development code (r1573) of
> flashrom that can be found here:
> http://flashrom.org/Downloads
> After saving the patch file to the flashrom directory please run the
> following inside the flashrom directory to apply it:
> patch<  0001-Add-board-enable-for-ASUS-M2N-MX.patch
> After that you can compile with "make". It should create an executable
> file named "flashrom in that directory.
> Although i think it is pretty safe to try, please make at least a
> backup of the original flash contents with -r before trying to erase or
> write! If anything unexpected happens don't reboot or shut down, but
> contact us please. If you try to write please reply with the output of
> ./flashrom -V -p internal -w<new bios image>

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