[flashrom] Issue with flashrom tool

Lap Ngo Doan lapngodoan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 05:14:43 CEST 2012

Hi all,
We are preparing flash new rom (coreboot.rom) to Persimmon board using
flashrom tool
Before do that, We'd like to make a test of  using  flashroom tool.
                          Hardware: Persimmon board
                          OS: Ubuntu 10.10 32bits
                          Flash rom tool: flashrom
[Testing steps]
                         1. Use flashrom tool to capture/read current ROM
file (to make a backup) :  ROM_BOARD2.rom
                                         $flashrom -r ROM_BOARD2.rom
                          2. Verify captured data (ROM_BOARD2.rom) with
current ROM
                                          $flashrom -v ROM_BOARD2.rom
Unfortunately, the verifiy status is FALIED ==> We are not confident to use
flashrom tool to update new rom file
Could you please refer to log file to see the details and give us some
Thank you very much!
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