[flashrom] How to reflash ROM file for Persimmon board

Idwer Vollering vidwer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 14:42:17 CEST 2012

2012/8/7 Tung Hoang <tungh at techburgcorp.com>:
> Hi all
> I has a Persimmon board and I installed Ubuntu OS on it.
> I build Coreboot with GRUB2  for my board ( output is new ROM file )

Starting grub2 as a payload might or might not work, can you
troubleshoot your machine (= look at coreboot/the payload's console
output) when it doesn't work as expected? Why did you choose grub2
over seabios?

> Now, I intent use flashrom tool to flash new ROM file for my board.
> But I'm not sure my new ROM file is work well or not.
> As i understand, I can backup original ROM file of Persimmon board and using
> flashrom tool to load new ROM file to my board ( flashrom is installed on
> Ubuntu OS run on Persimmon board )
> My question is :
> If my new ROM file is not working, How to reflash original ROM file ( which
> i backup from Persimmon board ) ?
> Can we use flashrom or other tool ?

You certainly want to save the original rom content, maybe store it on
another machine, or get a spare chip to program coreboot.rom to.
If you prefer to use an external programmer for SPI chips I can
recommend the buspirate: http://flashrom.org/Bus_Pirate and compatible
soic8 clips, if the flash is soldered to the board,

> Thanks
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> Hoang Tung (Mr)
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