[flashrom] Fedora 8 cross compile flashrom failed

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Dear Sir:


Loren Chen
born: 13. 02. 1964
email: chychen.chen at msa.hinet.net




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Dear Sir:


  Because I am also a DOS fans not much like using OS(like Windows, Linux) to flash BIOS.


  And cross compiler is much interesting to me, because I not touch it before.


  So, I am eager want to know how can I learn to set up a cross compiler environment for me to play with funny.


  So, I do need your help to do so, I am stupid a little but I am a work hard man.


Best Regards,

Loren Chen

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Op 25 april 2012 06:53 schreef 陳力綸 <chychen.chen at msa.hinet.net> het volgende:

Dear Sir:



  I am s senior BIOS engineer,


  I try cross compile the flashrom for DOS but it say can’t not fount pciutil header and can’t build.

May I ask why you are using DOS, as a target operating system, instead of Linux?

See this page: http://www.flashrom.org/Downloads
You have to install, quote: "pciutils development package (pciutils-dev/libpci-dev/pciutils-devel, depending on OS/distribution)"


  Can you give me some hinet about how to correct dot it?

Yes: you have to adjust/include the path(s) to i586-pc-msdosdjgpp-gcc and the cross-compiled versions of libgetopt ( http://assembler.cz/flashrom/ ) and libpci.
I suggest that you study flashrom's Makefile, all the hints should be there.


  Thank you.


Best Regards,

Loren Chen


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