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 Thank you for your response.

Please use reply-to-all, thanks.
 Let's see if I did the right thing to respond

 ok with an external programmer can reprogram the chip, I wonder if this programmer is fine:

 USB SPI BIOS 25X Series EN25T80 Programmer / AMIC / ATMEL / WINBOND / EON / ST / MXIC / Nex. I found it on ebay.

Do you have a link to this programmer?

 The motherboard is propio that indicated to you, and has 2 bios chip, but I unfortunately have corrupted both chips, I was a bit careless.

What does 'propio' mean?
sorry but the translator did not translate the word, I mean that the motherboard is the one I've shown you

 For if you know any store that sells chips reprogrammed?

You might be able to buy a replacement chip on this website: http://bios-repair.co.uk

Information about flash chips can be found at this URL: http://flashrom.org/Technology
Thank you for the links, and also for availability.
 Best regards.

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