[flashrom] Operate on the Status register

Niklas Söderlund niklas.soderlund at ericsson.com
Mon Apr 2 10:01:04 CEST 2012


I'm interested in reading and writing to the status register in much the 
same way as the ChomiumOS flashrom do with it's --wp-* commands. But in 
a more generic way say:

--sr-write 0xAA

I'm thinking of this implementation:
- Porting ChomiumOS writeprotect.c to flashrom
- Implement a pure read/write of status register
- Change the --wp-* commands to use the status register read/write functions

Is this anything the flashrom community is interested in? I'd love to 
get feedback on this. My knowledge of flashroms structure is not as 
comprehensive yet so suggestions on implementation is appreciated.

The porting of the ChomiumOS flashrom --wp-* is not necessary for my 
goal but I though it might be the right path to go for flashrom, please 
correct me if I'm wrong.

Best Regards
// Niklas

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