[flashrom] flashrom log

cjt2007 cjt2007 at eisenbroiler.de
Tue Oct 4 22:44:06 CEST 2011


Yes, it seems you are right. The memory chip is called W39V040CPZ. 
Unfortunately, I only have sporadic access to the board and thus cannot perform
your tasks right now. I'll do it as soon as possible and I will get back to you

Thanks for your support!

Am 01.10.2011 00:16, schrieb flashrom:
> hello christoph,
> as your log shows, the write protection pin of the flash chip is
> enabled. to turn that off we need to add a small routine that tells the
> southbridge (probably) to raise a pin. it might be necessary to reverse
> engineer this routine from the existing BIOS, so please be patient.
> please also provide a log of lspci -nn and lspci -xxnnvvv.
> can you confirm that W39V040C is the flash chip on your board?

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