[flashrom] Asus A7NVM400 (A7NX8-VM400)

Joshua Roys roysjosh at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 15:05:42 CET 2011

On 11/17/2011 07:58 AM, Svante Olofsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to flash an A7N8X-VM400 board with the current bios (got it with
> flashrom -r). The current bios rom was of identical size as the
> downloaded newer bios rom. I figured it would be safest to try to flash
> with the old one :)
> The information below is copied from the terminal:
> svante at stereo:~$ sudo flashrom -wV current_A7NVM400-ASUS.080009.rom
> flashrom v0.9.1-r946

This is a very old version of flashrom.  Can you please download and try 
the latest?  Then try writing the original rom back with the newer 
flashrom.  This may restore the bits that were written by the old flashrom.

It is likely that you will need a "board enable" in order to write to 
your entire chip.  Please reply with the output of `lspci -vvvnnxxx' and 
`superiotool -deV' both as root.  Oh, and the output of the newer 
`flashrom -V' .



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