[flashrom] Programming an A25L40 EEPROM

Idwer Vollering vidwer at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 14:31:35 CET 2011

2011/10/27 Arup Basak <arup at circuitsdiy.com>:
> I have the 512KB bios file, and was trying to program it with flashrom and
> buspirate.
> Looks like one version of flashrom says "missing libftdi.dll" while another
> version says programmer buspirate_spi not supported.

Can you find out which version/build showed those messages?

> Can you give me link of any latest version. I have tried to copy the
> libftdi.dll into the flashrom directory, also tried 'regsrv32 libftdi.dll'
> in a command-box (where regsrv32 looks to be absent in Windows 7)

This 7z file has (should have) the required dependencies:

If that does not work, install libusb-win32:

> One more thing, when I hooked up the SPI chip to buspirate, if I use
> terminal mode of buspirate and set correct mode, then if I try to read some
> block using CS enables, I get 0x00 and if I keep CS disabled I get 0xFF.
> I've tried to write anything with both CS enabled and disabled. But values
> are read as above.
> Maybe I've settled up wrong mode while trying to access EEPROM from
> buspirate terminal mode. . I've worked with mode 5 spi, 125khz, Clock
> polarity:Idle low , Output clock edge:Active to idle, Input sample
> phase:middle, Output mode: Normal (H=3.3V, L=GND), W(power supplies on).
> I didn't need to do so because for flashing my BIOS chip, I am trying to use
> flashrom.
> This is the fresh chip I bought for recovery.
> http://in.rsdelivers.com/product/amic-technology/a25l040m-f/spi-flash-4mb-sop8-3v-4mx1/0573498.asp
> Note: The BIOS chips is of my tablet, and not PC, so no problem if it takes
> few days to resolve issues and program it. It isn't much serious case when
> someone corrupts motherboard's BIOS. I know flashrom's support is free and
> takes few hours to get reply. It's not an issue in my case.
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