[flashrom] Tyan S8230 support

Anton Rommerskirchen atr at atrsoft.de
Sun May 8 18:36:33 CEST 2011

Hello !

got a littel talk with the helpstar guys from tyan. 
The problem is to get a S8230 to be updated.

the suggested way of using a usb stick means to take a windows 98 or 95, 
format and so on.
I tried freedos and their tool stuck - no flash at all.

for linux i got a hint to flashrom, but the board seems to be not supportet 

is their any way to circumvent this or do i have a chance to get support for 
the S8230 board in near future ?

according to the doc its a AMD SP5100 and SR5690, winbond w83627 chispset.

best regards
Anton Rommerskirchen

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