[flashrom] UBW32 flashing LPC/FWH in 20us

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Thu Mar 3 16:50:56 CET 2011

Hey the UBW32 (http://www.schmalzhaus.com/UBW32/) has enough I/O (78) 
pins to be able to flash LPC/FWH chips in programming mode or A/A Mux 
mode. In this mode you are able to flash in 8bit bytes instead of 4bit 
nibbles. A few of the datasheets I have seen says in this mode a 256K 
chip could be flashed in approx 20us. That is friggin fast!!! The only 
thing that would some what slow it down is USB. But, the UBW32 is 
detected as a USB HID device and you can do data transfers over serial 
console. I think this is a major discovery I will be looking into. 
Thoughts? Comments?

FWI the UBW32 dev board from SparFun is $40 and has a built in 3.3v 
voltage regulator, mount it on a daughter board with a socket you would 
have a smoking fast programmer for about $50 :-)

Joseph Smith

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