[flashrom] [PATCH] updated motherboards URL in print.c

Stefan Tauner stefan.tauner at student.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Jun 30 06:26:11 CEST 2011

On Sun, 26 Jun 2011 14:35:09 +0200
Benjamin Bellec <b.bellec at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Just to stay updated.

thank you!
we require all code committed to our repository to be signed-off by the
authors. see the details here:
your contribution is missing such statement and can therefore not be
committed, please add it (it may seem dumb in this case, and it may
actually be, but it please provide it anyway :)

regarding the asus urls:
i am not sure if ftp links are very useful. they are better than
nothing though. i got some of the original (P_ID=...) http urls working
by using usa.asus.com instead of the global site. i think that would be
better for now. so if you are motivated enough please change them.

using the search urls for boards not found otherwise of where multiple
revisions have different homepages is a good idea imho.
Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Stefan Tauner

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