[flashrom] It is hard to report a bug....

Sven Anders sven at anders-hamburg.de
Mon Jun 20 08:29:14 CEST 2011

Am 17.06.2011 16:26, schrieb Stefan Tauner:
>> I have used the flashrom version from debian squeeze. So I thought: "I
>> should use a newer version" . 
> good idea, because 0.9.2 is ancient. ;)
> you may not be able to succeed with the current developers version
> either, but i would really like to see a (verbose i.e. with parameter
> -V) log of an read attempt with it. i am currently working on better
> support for intel chipsets.

In the attachment you will find the output for the machine (0.9.3-r1324).

>> So I try to open a bug on:
>> http://www.flashrom.org/trac/flashrom/newticket
>> I have spend realy time to put in the right text, but when I pressed
>> "Create Ticket" the Web Page said somethink like, it would be junk and
>> will be discarded, so I have done this work for nothing.
> when i go there it clearly states "New tickets you submit will be
> routed for moderation. If you have an account, please log in first."
> so it may not be discarded but in the moderation queue. i dont have
> access to it, but in that case it will be dealt with.

I have filled in a bug again, and wrote down the message:

-- snip --

Submission rejected as potential spam

-- snap --
(Trac-Fehler is german for "Trac-Error")

That does not sound like it will be held for moderation.

I have also searched for a posibility to create a Trac account, but I
found  no register page. Please change the issue tracker, because I am
sure that you will loose many information from users, if they see such a

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