[flashrom] Intel 82557 Ethernet Pro 100 w/ Fujitsu 29F040-70 chip

Daniel Fussell dlf29 at et.byu.edu
Wed Jun 15 03:46:26 CEST 2011

Doesn't detect the chip, though whether it's the recent addition of this 
board as a programmer or the unsupported chip I couldn't say.

If there is a similar 4Mbit chip option you'd like me to try let me 
know.  I think it's perhaps similar to the Am29F040B and MX29F040 
ships.  I've just forced it as those chips, and hexdump shows the 
resulting image showing as all one's.  I'm assuming it's a bad read, but 
as I don't know what was on it to begin with, I can't be sure.  For all 
I know, the chip is fried.

Daniel Fussell

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