[flashrom] [PATCH] chipset_enable.c: add a message in the case the chipset enable is untested

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Fri Jul 22 18:48:32 CEST 2011

Op 22-7-2011 12:48, Uwe Hermann schreef:
> DOS users have a problem with -V output already I assume, whatever they
> do to handle that can probably also be applied to the case without -V.

Redirection does the trick, followed by opening the output file in some 
editor. Other options are changing screen resolution temporarily (80x43 
or 80x50), hitting some kind PAUSE (press a key to continue), or on 
error, offer to write a file (generated/kept in memory) to disk with 
full verbosity level on.

>> option (for me). i will try to factor in their line limit and inability
>> to scroll (is that still correct for freedos?) in future patches though.
> No idea if scrolling is possible or not. I think the best option would
> be to have a more finegrained control of the loglevel in flashrom, i.e.
> --log-level=0,1,2,3 etc. (instead of "no -V", "-V", and "-VV"), so the
> user can also choose 0 or 1 to get only the bare minumum output.

There should be scrolling applications, just not aware of them. Flashrom 
implementing scrolling abilities just for DOS seems a bit silly.

Redirection in general works, it's only when you're trying to provide 
too much info at default verbosity level that things get tricky as you 
can't scroll back then anymore.

Reason for me for liking Flashrom program on DOS is that it runs in a 
minimal and fast environment, compared to starting Linux LiveCD for 
example. Also requirements are a lot lower, I don't see any Linux 
LiveCDs on low-end Pentium-1 machines due to system memory requirements. 
Or I'm just plain bad at finding non-GUI Linux environments. Drawback is 
lack of internet environment etc for posting logs, downloading BIOS etc.

Best compromise so far seems Parted Magic using your software, it's a 
180MB distribution, so seems doable.

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