[flashrom] [PATCH] ft2232_spi: Improve error handling, remove exit() calls

Tadas Slotkus devtadas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 01:50:36 CEST 2011

>                 buf = realloc(buf, bufsize);
>                 if (!buf) {
>                         msg_perr("Out of memory!\n");
> -                       exit(1);
> +                       /* TODO: What to do with buf? */
> +                       return SPI_GENERIC_ERROR;
>                 }
Not looked very deeply, but looks like this is not freed even when in
normal execution(until program termination). Checkings would add ugly
lines. I do believe that we won't end up in memleaks, so if I have a
right, then:
Acked-by: Tadas Slotkus <devtadas at gmail.com>

By the way, great job in wiki and flashrom GUI :)


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