[flashrom] Probe, Read, Erase, Write Success on Winbond W25Q16 with buspirate_spi

Jon Szymaniak jon.szymaniak at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 03:28:42 CEST 2011

Hi there,

Per the "UNTESTED" message I received in v0.9.3-r1364,  I just wanted to
report a couple successful PROBE, READ, WRITE and ERASE operations on a
Winbond W25Q16 with a BusPirate v2g0 (FW 4.1).  I suppose this is expected
given that the W25X16 is supported, but thought someone might like to know

I've attached the requested -V dumps for the aforementioned operations, as
well as 'time' output for each operation.  With the BP v2g0 running FW v4.1,
I was seeing ~30 min on a 2MB read, and ~90 min on a 2MB write.  I see that
somewhere above FW v5.7 and with some flashrom patches I should be able to
get some much quicker reads and writes.  If I can get that going, I'd be
happy to do a bit more testing with this chip if you folks are interested.

Thank you for providing a wonderful piece of software...cheers!
Jon Szymaniak
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