[flashrom] Big problem with BIOS. Questions

Germán Rotondo german at grotondo.com.ar
Mon Jan 17 22:43:28 CET 2011

Hi. Greetings from Argentina. My english is not so good so I hope you can understand me.
I have a chinese tablet pc netbook with Atom N450 - Intel NM10 Chipset.
Being the most stupid guy in the world, I've found an updated bios in a forum and downloaded it.
Tablet was running Ubuntu linux. I've flashed it with flashrom 0.9.3 without reading a thing about that notebooks and netbooks are not compatible because of the embedded controller.
Flashing went OK. Flash memory detected OK, erased and programmed. After reset.  . . Dead netbook
After powering cycle, power light turns on, but no video. No boot block access, nothing.
I have electronics skills, so I've taken it apart, and found that the motherboard has two identical flash chips, EON 25F80.
I've desoldered both chips, read both with an external programmer to see what was on them, first chip had the original AMI bios, that was on the netbook prior to flashing. The second one has the new ami bios I've flashed and bricked.
I've programmed the second chip with the original BIOS dump I've made before update, soldered it again and nothing happened. Board is dead. I'm little lost about the two flash scenario.
When first chip is removed, board does not even power up, so I think it might be the embedded controller bios, but it's a complete ami bios?.
Any help, thoughts you could give me would be of great help

Thanks a lot


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