[flashrom] Status of dediprog support?

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coreboot.org
Fri Jan 14 22:11:30 CET 2011

* Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net> [101213 09:20]:
> Hi Carl,
> I'd have answered sooner, but right now I'm switching net providers and
> have only very sporadic access to email.
> Auf 10.12.2010 21:43, Carl Worth schrieb:
> > I was delighted to find flashrom when I needed to recently flash a chip
> > with a Dediprog SF100 and I googled for "dediprog linux".
> > [...]
> > Is there some further testing I could help do before this support is
> > enabled by default?
> >   
> Here is the todo list for the Dediprog driver in flashrom:
> - Implement fast write support. I know how to do most of it, but I won't
> have time to tackle that before January at the earliest. That would give
> you native write speed. I'd tell you how to do it, but that would be
> roughly as difficult as writing it myself (I only have lots of USB
> traces and some reverse engineered data).
> - Check _every_ SPI chip if it can handle the FAST READ (0x0b) command
> and mark the ones which can't, because the Dediprog driver uses FAST
> READ by default, and all other SPI programmer drivers use the standard
> READ (0x03) command, so a read test for any given chip with the Dediprog
> is useless for all other programmer drivers...
> - Hook up speed setting support (dediprog_set_spi_speed needs to be
> handled the same way as dediprog_set_spi_voltage, and that also means it
> should take the frequency as parameter instead of some obscure frequency
> ID).

This is a good TODO list. But I think we should enable dediprog for a
wider audience by setting it to default on in the Makefile before that.
This will make the chance for getting the SPI chips tested by someone
using the dediprog much more likely.


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