[flashrom] [PATCH] [DEMO] Merge print/print_wiki tables

Michael Karcher flashrom at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Thu Mar 25 23:25:45 CET 2010

Am Donnerstag, den 25.03.2010, 21:38 +0100 schrieb Carl-Daniel
> > No merge of boards_need_enable and the board enable table as I would never
> > get that patch past Luc Verhaegen. But a consistency check for these two
> > tables can be added to the flashrom selftest.
> Hm. I'm not exactly thrilled about this patch (not your fault).
> Still, the original reason I didn't want URLs and board names in the
> same master table is that I personally think URLs are ugly and should
> not be in flashrom at all. print_wiki.c allowed me to ignore that stuff
> without having to sacrifice working on any board lists.
Which is exactly the reason why the tables get out of sync.

We really should have one board database somewhere, and have the board
enable table, and the board list (in the Wiki) generated from that. It
thus should include (at least) Board vendor/model, testing status
(works/broken), type (laptop system/desktop board), optionally DMI/PCI
IDs for board recognition, max decode sizes, in future SuperI/O chip,
and the board enable function. This table has to be in the flashrom VCS,
so a online database is not an option. It will be ugly to have it in
source code, I know quite well that Luc does not really like expanding
the board enable table for that reason. I see that you don't like
expanding the board tables for that reason, but I still think the only
way to keep things consistent is to have one master board table, though
I have no idea whether this is politically possible and technically
handleable. svn merges of patches to "the one big table" will probably
be a pain in the <you know what>.

> 1. You create most board enables and add most supported boards nowadays,
> so this is much more "your" turf than mine, and it should be in a state
> that makes development easier for you.
I didn't even realize that writing a board enable involves adding an URL
to the wiki table until recently...

> 2. Uwe created most of the printing (and IIRC all of the wiki) code, so
> he will know if this patch is a good idea or not.
Uwe asked me to create this demo patch.

Anyway, thanks for your input.

  Michael Karcher

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