[flashrom] flash success + verified on DFI T3H6 mobo

Mathew Hennessy hennessy at thoughtcrime.com
Sun Mar 21 22:34:18 CET 2010

	I just flashed BIOS on this host using the flashrom tool in ubuntu
lucid repository..  Next time I have to flash the BIOS I'll be sure to
add -V options..  But this combo apparently worked, except for the 2
spi_block_erase commands that failed.

# flashrom -w JX58D210.BIN 
flashrom v0.9.1-r873
No coreboot table found.
Found ITE SuperI/O, id 8718
Found chipset "Intel ICH10R", enabling flash write... OK.
This chipset supports the following protocols: FWH,SPI.
Calibrating delay loop... OK.
Found chip "SST SST25VF080B" (1024 KB, SPI) at physical address
This flash part has status UNTESTED for operations: ERASE
Please email a report to flashrom at flashrom.org if any of the above
work correctly for you with this flash part. Please include the flashrom
output with the additional -V option for all operations you tested (-V,
-wV, -EV), and mention which mainboard or programmer you tested. Thanks
for your help!
Flash image seems to be a legacy BIOS. Disabling checks.
Writing flash chip... Erasing flash before programming... Erasing flash
chip... spi_block_erase_20 failed during command execution at address
spi_block_erase_52 failed during command execution at address 0x0
Verifying flash... VERIFIED.      	

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