[flashrom] [commit] r957 - trunk

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Fri Mar 19 23:58:15 CET 2010

Author: snelson
Date: Fri Mar 19 23:58:15 2010
New Revision: 957
URL: http://flashrom.org/trac/coreboot/changeset/957

Reversed-engineered board enable for the ASUS A8N-LA.
IDs are ISA and SMBus.
Added dmi string to match 3 HP boards: Nagami, Nagami2, Nagami2L.

This could match any HP Nagami board. Needs testing.

Signed-off-by: Sean Nelson <audiohacked at gmail.com>
Acked-by: Sean Nelson <audiohacked at gmail.com>


Modified: trunk/board_enable.c
--- trunk/board_enable.c	Fri Mar 19 23:55:48 2010	(r956)
+++ trunk/board_enable.c	Fri Mar 19 23:58:15 2010	(r957)
@@ -541,6 +541,7 @@
+ * Suited for ASUS A8N-LA: nVidia MCP51.
  * Suited for ASUS M2NBP-VM CSM: nVidia MCP51.
 static int nvidia_mcp_gpio0_raise(const char *name)
@@ -1339,6 +1340,7 @@
 	{0x1106, 0x3177, 0x1043, 0x80A1,  0x1106, 0x3205, 0x1043, 0x8118, NULL,          NULL,         NULL,          "ASUS",        "A7V8X-MX SE",           0,   OK, w836xx_memw_enable_2e},
 	{0x8086, 0x27A0, 0x1043, 0x1287,  0x8086, 0x27DF, 0x1043, 0x1287, "^A8J",        NULL,         NULL,          "ASUS",        "A8JM",                  0,   NT, intel_ich_gpio34_raise},
 	{0x10DE, 0x005E, 0x1043, 0x815A,  0x10DE, 0x0054, 0x1043, 0x815A, NULL,          NULL,         NULL,          "ASUS",        "A8N",                   0,   NT, board_shuttle_fn25},
+	{0x10DE, 0x0260, 0x103c, 0x2a3e,  0x10DE, 0x0264, 0x103c, 0x2a3e, "NAGAMI",      NULL,         NULL,          "ASUS",        "A8N-LA",                0,   NT, nvidia_mcp_gpio0_raise},
 	{0x10DE, 0x0264, 0x1043, 0x81C0,  0x10DE, 0x0260, 0x1043, 0x81C0, NULL,          NULL,         NULL,          "ASUS",        "M2NBP-VM CSM",          0,   OK, nvidia_mcp_gpio0_raise},
 	{0x1106, 0x1336, 0x1043, 0x80ed,  0x1106, 0x3288, 0x1043, 0x8249, NULL,          NULL,         NULL,          "ASUS",        "M2V-MX",                0,   OK, via_vt823x_gpio5_raise},
 	{0x8086, 0x1a30, 0x1043, 0x8070,  0x8086, 0x244b, 0x1043, 0x8028, NULL,          NULL,         NULL,          "ASUS",        "P4B266",                0,   OK, intel_ich_gpio22_raise},

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