[flashrom] Tyan 2915 and 2915-E --- test report

Jörg Fischer turboj at gmx.de
Mon Jul 26 15:35:19 CEST 2010

Axel Bergerhoff schrieb:

> tried several Tyan 2915 (S2915A2NRF) and S2915-E (S2915A2NRF-E) all with the 
> same result.
> #1
> Using flashrom -r to get the PROM's content and comparing that with the 
> appropriate version from Tyan's website gives differences in all cases.

That's expected behaviour. Your flash will contain serial numbers of you
board, MAC address(es) of your on-board NIC(s) and other dynamic stuff.
The flash tool form your vendor will know about this and does not touch
these specific areas.

Flashrom on the other hand does not know anything about this and will
happily overwrite this data.

> #2
> Took a 2915 (S2915A2NRF) and flashed with the DOS tool offered by Tyan 
> (phlash16.exe) to BIOS revision 3.00 (2915v300.rom). Then reread with 
> flashrom -r and compared both files - a bunch of differencies again. I 
> attached the outputs of flashrom, lspci, and superiotool for this board.

Same issue here.

-- Jim

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