[flashrom] Tyan flash S2915 fails under linux - chip detection problem....?

Phil i15 at ornl.gov
Thu Jan 28 01:51:49 CET 2010


I posted last week, and have heard nothing back. Is  there someway I can 
help by digging further? The nice Tyan chap is positive it should work, 
but he tells me he is not the low level guru. He showed it works on his 
test system, and I am not the only one!!

I am about to stick more memory in this machine (so needing a dismantle) 
and would really like to get rid of the PCI renumbering bug , that flips 
my Nvidia graphics card(s) from PCI 5:0:0 to PCI 6:0:0 on alternate 
reboots!!! So init 5 fails......;-(


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