[flashrom] Board Enable Needed

Michael Karcher flashrom at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jan 25 15:27:12 CET 2010

Am Freitag, den 22.01.2010, 16:23 -0600 schrieb Zach Stuart:
> Here is the relevant data requested
For your BIOS, which is an Intel derivative of an Phoenix BIOS, using an
Intel specific BIOS update call, the BIOS update file is not enough to
find the board enable, as it does not include the whole BIOS.

Please send the output (fseg.bin) of
  dd if=/dev/mem skip=15 bs=64k count=1 of=fseg.bin
to my private email address without a copy on the list.

Thanks in advance,
  Michael Karcher

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