[flashrom] [PATCH] Convert chips to block erasers: ST

Michael Karcher flashrom at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jan 19 00:44:40 CET 2010

Am Montag, den 18.01.2010, 15:21 -0800 schrieb Sean Nelson:
> On 1/18/2010 2:48 PM, Michael Karcher wrote:
> > I don't think this is going to work. erase_sector_stm50flw0x0x only
> > works on the 4K sectors and not on the 64k blocks inbetween, if I read
> > the datasheet correctly.
> The datasheet doesn't state either way that it wouldn't work on the 5x 
> 64k sectors between the 4k blocks, but I'm just going to remove the 
> sector erasers and leave the function.

If you take a look at appendix A, you will find that there are block
numbers for all of the parts of the flash chip, but sector numbers only
for the sectored parts. I interpreted it in the way that the other parts
do not have sectors, thus making "sector erase" ill defined. Your
approach seems sound.

  Michael Karcher

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